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Episode Review:
We're Off To See The Wizard

Updated March 30, 1997

Original Air Date: September 30, 1985
Rerun on: January 20, 1986

Review Written: Sometime in 1988 (I think. Sorry, I didn't date it when I wrote it)

This is exactly as I wrote it all those years ago, except that I have tried to clean up the spelling.

If you haven't seen the episode, or you don't remember it well, you may not want to read this. It assumes the reader is pretty familiar with the plot, etc.

Boy, having a VCR is great, Scarecrow, anytime I want it. It just so happens there are only 3 episodes on the tape I brought this week. Sour Grapes - boring mid-third season stuff. Not very exciting. Dead Men Leave No Trails. I don't need to say anything about this one. The ending is great - I've seen it a million times. The 3rd episode was We're Off To See The Wizard. It's a good episode, but it was never one of my 3rd season favorites, and I probably haven't seen it in over a year. Wow! What a great show. Written by Whitney Wherret Roberson and directed by James Fargo. I saw things that I missed before. Or at least, I think I must have missed their significance before because I didn't remember them. I'll explain that in a minute. First, let's review the show....

Action Packed - The Oz Network only had Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorothy, and The Wizard. Where's the Lion? Anyway, the first time through I thought the plot was very confusing. Who is this evil Russian guy? Why does everyone blame The Wizard? Why are they wearing really weird army fatigues? Well, the plot didn't really become much clearer this time through. Not strong points here for the writing, I guess. It seems obvious in Lee's flashbacks that there really was an evil man in an airplane. Lee and The Wizard were both there when Dorothy died. So how could the Wizard be the Russian? Lee told Amanda that Tin Man went under cover as a Russian, and that he died the same day Dorothy did. Two questions: How did Scarecrow know Tin Man was dead, unless he saw he was dead. (If he saw he was dead, then how could he be a Russian spy now?). Also, if Scarecrow was assuming Tin Man died, without seeing the body, why wouldn't it be apparent to him that Tin Man could be alive as Serdeych the Russian? This seems much more reasonable, and a heck of a lot more straightforward than having Amanda read the book to figure out the Tin Man has no heart, so he must be the Russian. Besides, when has real life ever gone like a fantasy story? When you think about it, both of the possibilities above are the only ones that fit. A-ha, I knew the plot was more complicated than it had to be. Now, why does Lee automatically accuse the Wizard of being the murderer? He (Paul) had a good explanation why he was at the same place at the same time of all the murders. He was following the Russian. Lee would have taken him on his word if Lee hadn't been out to get him. I suspect that Lee blames the Wizard for the death of Dorothy. Lee was young (24) and impressionable when she died. He left the Oz Network shortly after that. He's had all this time (10 years) to change things just enough in his own mind that he could blame Paul for her death. I wonder if Dorothy was her real name. I don't know. OK, enough of this. It's time for ...

ROMANCE. Have you seen The Princess Bride? Every time Farm Boy says "As you wish" he was really saying "I love you." Well, every time Lee looks at Amanda, he's really thinking "I love her." Heavy duty romance, I say, through the whole episode. When he asks Amanda to talk with him - "I love you." When he smiles after Amanda says he's a pretty special man -"I love you." When he gives her roses - "I love you." When she kisses him "I've loved you for 25 mos., 2 weeks." Hey, pretty cool, huh, they're both keeping track.

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