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Updated September 14, 1997

Studio Tour

We (my friend Karen and I) visited The Burbank Studios (where Scarecrow was filmed) on Tuesday, November 4, 1986. During the course of the tour the guide discovered that we were BIG Scarecrow and Mrs. King fans (could it have been the sweatshirts with the logo hand-painted on them? Nah.). Anyway, we got to tour the set for Amanda's house (not part of the standard tour), and we even saw Kate Jackson from a distance. Really exciting!

When the tour was over they gave us a huge poster of Lee and Amanda (the thing must be 2 feet by 3 feet or so), and also the call sheet for that day's shooting. I don't have the poster here in Arkansas with me (my friend Karen has custody these days), but you can see a picture of it hanging on my wall (68 k). You can also look at some scans that I made of the call sheet - side 1 (140 k) and side 2 (159 k).

TV Guide Collection

Of course I have the complete Scarecrow and Mrs. King TV Guide collection. Unfortunately, I left all the originals in a box in my parents house in California when I moved to Arkansas. All I have with me here are the photocopies of the articles.

I don't have time to type in all of the articles, but you can look them up for yourself at a local library (or in your own TV Guide collection...).

On The Cover...
Photo of Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner on the cover - Feb. 11, 1984
Drawing of Lee and Amanda on the cover - Jan. 11, 1986

Interview with Kate Jackson - Feb. 11, 1984 (pp. 14 - 18)
Interview with Bruce Boxleitner - Jan. 11, 1986 (pp. 36 - 40)
Interview with Martha Smith - June 14, 1986 (pp. 10 - 12)

Assorted Articles...
Series Preview - Sept. 10, 1983
Series Review - Dec. 3, 1983

Article, June 14, 1986 (pp. 16 - 20):
"Amanda Marries Scarecrow! J.R. Takes Out The Trash! Crockett Shaves!"
with the subtitle
"That's how certain series would end if some stars had their way"

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