Scarecrow and Mrs. King Preview

TV Guide, Sept. 10, 1983

No, this is not a series about a straw man who falls in love with a lady farmer. The premise here is even less likely. Scarecrow is the code name for a square-jawed chap named Lee Stetson (Bruce Boxleitner), who is, to put it bluntly, a spy. He works for a CIA-type outfit called the Agency. Amanda King (Kate Jackson) is a pretty and recently divorced housewife, who lives with her two sons and her mother (Beverly Garland). Now, by a series of coincidences that occur only in the fevered minds of Hollywood scriptwriters, Scarecrow has to get rid of a package containing vital information. Naturally, he hands it over to Mrs. King, a woman he's never met and who could be a Russian spy, for all he knows. Well, maybe she reminds him of an actress he once saw in Charlie's Angels. Anyway, it looks as though the dashing operative will wind up working with the fetching housewife, who turns out to be pretty good at lurking. Maybe she watched Charlie's Angels, too? CBS