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Updated November 18, 1996 and April 16, 2000

Note: This survey hasn't been updated for over 3 years. I have lots to add to it, but no time to do the adding. Sorry.

Hi fans! Here's a new idea - a fan survey. I want to know your favorite episode(s), your favorite lines, and which episode you think is the worst. E-mail me with your votes, and I'll put the answers up here on this page. Please remember that there were two episodes named "Stemwinder." If you are voting for one of them, please specify which one (or both if you mean both).

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My e-mail address is tsnyder@comp.uark.edu.

In the list, the number following the title represents how many people have voted for that particular episode. (No number indicates one vote)

Favorite Episodes - Favorite Lines - Worst Episodes

Based on 15 respondants (not including me)

Favorite Episodes

Stemwinder I (6)
Stemwinder II (4)
Utopia Now (5)
All The World's a Stage (5)
Nightcrawler (3)
Burn Out (2)
DOA: Delirious On Arrival
The Wrong Way Home
The First Time
Bad Timing
A Class Act
Santa's Got A Brand New Bag
No Thanks for the Memory
Playing for Keeps
Pharoah's Engineer
Unfinished Business
Life of the Party
It's in the Water
Our Man in Tegernsee
Do You Take This Spy?

Favorite Lines

Amanda: Once on the lips, forever on the hips
from Fast Food For Thought

Amanda: The pregnant sow has lost her piglets
from We're Off To See The Wizard

Amanda: I don't care what the king says, pickle that herring
from All The World's A Stage

Amanda: I just aimed for the broad side of the building and hoped for the best
from Over The Limit

Jamie: What kind of secret?
Amanda: Nice try, Sherlock, a secret's a secret
from Stemwinder I

Lee: ... you are in danger. You've got to go home. Take the long way. Use up their manpower, but don't lose them. They're your security blanket. You got it? I need time to play one more card. Be careful. I love you.
Amanda: What?
from Stemwinder I

Amanda: Bill, Amanda. Listen, I've been thinking about this Retzig thing, it's gone way too far...Yeah, we've gotta nail this sucker and nail him good...We gotta put more into it Bill, we're gonna take no prisoners.
from DOA: Delerious on Arrival

Amanda: Drop it or I'll splatter you all over the stage.
Retzig: You irritate me, Mrs. King. Maybe you should die first.
Amanda: Dog meat!
from DOA: Delerious on Arrival

Mother and Amanda are playing "Wordwizz" a scrabble type of game

Mother: O-W-N-H-A-I-R. I'm out!
Amanda: What? That's not a word!
Mother: I can use that in a sentence: The handsome man is not wearing a wig, he is wearing his own hair.
Amanda: That's not a word!
Mother: It is.
Amanda: It's not!
Mother: Did you understand the sentence?
Amanda: Yes, but that doesn't matter. It's not a word.
Mother: OK, that's what we need around here, someone handsome, who can fix the sink and barbecue, and has his own hair.
Amanda: Oh, Mother! Out of the woodwork, he will just come out of the woodwork.
Mother: He'll be sweet, gentle, and wonderful, and have a good job.
From A Lovely Little Affair

Lee: Hey toots!
Amanda: Ugh
Lee: How ya doin'? Heard any good opera lately?
Amanda: No, I can't say that I have
Lee: Well, what do you say we hit the Kennedy for a little Verdi?
Amanda: Sorry, I'm busy.
Lee: Oh, gee, that's too bad. These were for tonight. Hmm.
Amanda: Are those real?
Lee: About eight?
Amanda: Love to.
Lee: See how easy that was?
Amanda laughs
From A Lovely Little Affair

Amanda: Oh my gosh!
From Odds on a Dead Pidgeon

Lee: How many people do I know whose last words would be 'Oh my gosh'?
From Odds on a Dead Pidgeon

Lee: I love you, Mrs. Stetson
From Mission of Gold

Amanda: Philip, do not hit your brother in the head with trash!
From The First Time

Mother: On a scale from one to ten he's an eleven and my daughter doesn't want to date him.
From Any Number Can Play

Amanda: How did you find me?
Lee: We have our ways.
Amanda: I thought only spies and Nazis said that.
Lee: Well, I'm not a Nazi
From The First Time

Amanda: Do you know who I am?
Lee (smiles): My Amanda.
From Unfinished Business

Worst Episode

Mission Of Gold (3)
Because, really, who wants to see Amanda in the hospital on her honeymoon! The episode had a confusing plot and the editing was horrible. The last four episodes of the series were bad, too, but I think this one is the worst.

There Goes The Neighborhood

The last four episodes:
All That Glitters (5)
Suitable for Framing(4)
A Matter of Choice(4)
The Khrushchev List(4)
Car Wars
Playing For Keeps
Lost and Found

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