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Updated January 14, 1997

I don't know why, but the third season of Scarecrow was a special one for me. I think that, for me, it was the best season. I know, I know, the wedding was in the fourth season, and Amanda was probably at her most amusing during the first two seasons. The third season was a time of transition. Amanda was learning more about the Agency, and learning how to make herself a part of it. The relationship between Lee and Amanda was beginning to take shape. Instead of simply being annoyed by her, Lee was actually starting to appriciate her. I don't know why anybody else watched the show, but I watched for the prospect of romance. The third season had that. Every week there was the hope that "maybe this would be the week they would finally..."

The list goes on and on. I think that's why I liked the third season so much. It was full of promise, week after week.

So it comes as no surprise that I kept a running ranking of the third season episodes. Of course, the third season has been over for (too many) years now, but I still have my ranking. And here it is:

1. tie- The Wrong Way Home and All The World's A Stage
2. Utopia Now
3. The Triumvirate
4. Fast Food For Thought
5. tie- A Lovely Little Affair and Dead Men Leave No Trails
6. One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn't
7. We're Off To See The Wizard
8. Over The Limit
9. Sour Grapes
10. The Eyes Have It
11. Reach for the Sky
12. The Boy Who Would Be King
13. Three Little Spies
14. Pharoah's Engineer
15. Wrong Number
16. Flight to Freedom
17. Playing for Keeps
18. Tail of the Dancing Weasel
19. J Edgar's Ghost

I'm not sure that I would rank them in this order now. I'm older now, and I've seen the fourth season episodes. My viewpoint has definitely changed. My friend Karen also kept a ranking of all the third season shows, and I believe it differs some from mine, but I can't remember how. I don't have a copy of her ranking. Maybe I should give her a call.

Here's my e-mail address, if you want to discuss these rankings (or anything else SMK...) tsnyder@comp.uark.edu

One more Third Season bit of trivia: the red, white, and blue logo. In the first and second seasons, the logo was yellow.

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