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New Stuff and Coming Attractions

Updated April 6, 2000

Newer Stuff

Pax is showing Scarecrow in the US. Current schedules are available on the main page.

I'm making incremental updates to some of my pages. So far I've finished the Audio Files page. I've added links to other sites, and I've converted my own files to Real Audio format.

Not So New Stuff

Scarecrow and Mrs. King episode guide in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download it from here (261 k), or read more about it in the Episode Guide section.

A whole new section! See Tamara's Own Memorabilia.

An online Scarecrow and Mrs. King Game. Give it a try! (but only if you have a graphical browser that does tables)

Scarecrow and Mrs. King fonts! Have you ever wanted those fonts? Well, here they are. These are True Type Fonts - available for both the Mac (134 k) and PCs (93 k).

Fan Survey

The Fan Survey hasn't been updated since November 1997. I'll be getting to it soon, though.

Why is Tamara so slow?

Tamara is slow because she's a mother first and a Scarecrow fan second. I haven't done much updating since early 1998. I have two kids that keep me pretty busy. Maybe when they are 8 and 10 years old I'll have more free time (who knows, maybe I'll become a spy!). That's a couple of years away, so for now I do what I can, when I can.

Coming Attractions

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