I do many different things. I'm a...


U of A Physics

Web Master - Designer Type Person

I've designed several web pages. Some of them are:

University of Arkansas Physics Department Web Site
URSA Web Telescope
2001 AOK Meeting Web Site
Tamara's Scarecrow and Mrs. King Web Page
Tamara's Gunsmoke Web Page

I also maintain the Physics Department Web Server:
http://physics.uark.edu - a nifty G3 Mac running WebSTAR server software


Programmer Type Person

I have used REALbasic to program some really nifty back-ends to web pages

I have created a web application that an instructor can use to give quizzes or collect homework online. They are automatically graded and each student's score is returned to the instructor. The instructor can ask multiple choice or short answer problems, or a type of problem involving calculations and equations. For these, each student gets his or her own values for the variables in the problem (different from any other student), and then must calculate the correct answer.

I have put together a web page listing links to all sorts of math resources for REALbasic programmers - plug-ins, classes, examples, etc.

RB Math Info Page

Also, I have created a math plug-in of my own - EquationEvaluator


Person Type Person

I've graduated from both UCLA and the University of Arkansas, which usually only causes me problems in the spring, during basketball season.

Currently my hobbies are - can you guess - web design and programming in REALbasic. But who knows what might come my way next week?

I've got a hubby with a web page of his own - I guess you can learn more about me by analyzing my choice in men.

Sometimes I teach Physics or Astronomy at the University of Arkansas. You can check their class info pages to see if I'm working there this semester.


Mommy Type Person

This is my most difficult job, and my most rewarding. Our two kids are increadibly smart, really cute, and very talented. They keep me busy, so much so that sometimes I have trouble being all those other people I listed above. But, unlike a computer program or a web page, they can love me for the time I spend with them. They are really a great pair.

Unfortunately, you will not find any pictures of them here. But here is a picture of our cat. (who persists in giving me Mother's Day cards, even though I am not his mother)


Other Stuff...

You can e-mail me at my e-mail address (of course): tsnyder@uark.edu

You can also view the previous version of this page (written many years ago, so some of the links might not work anymore). Still, it is informative and kind of cute