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grumph Welcome to Tamara Snyder's Homepage. This page is designed to give you a little more info about me, provide links to other pages I've done or that I find interesting, and also to serve as a "playground" for my html (etc.) experiments.

Rick Nelson Basic Info: I am a graduate of UCLA (B.S. Physics) and the University of Arkansas (M.S. Physics). Currently I keep myself busy by raising my two kids and writing html documents in my spare time (like nap time). Find out about my husband Julio by visiting his official information page or his "home-made" page. You can find out more about my hometown by visiting the City of Riverside, California, USA on the web. Some of my obsessions in life have included Ricky Nelson, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and making web pages. My latest obsession is learning to read Japanese so that I can make sense of the Japanese comic called "Maison Ikkoku."

Some Of My Other Pages

Tamara's Scarecrow and Mrs. King Page
Tamara's Enhanced Scarecrow and Mrs. King Page

Scarecrow and Mrs. King was my favorite TV show. Now that it's off the air I maintain my link with the show by keeping one of six (7? 8?, it changes almost daily) web pages devoted to it. My page comes in two flavors - regular (mostly text, with only two images and no fancy Netscape or HTML 3.0 stuff) and enhanced (basically the opposite of the regular page. Lots of images, colored text, backgrounds, and even a gif animation). These pages have the same content, and they are updated weekly, and often two or three times a week.

The Gunsmoke Web Page

Gunsmoke, television's longest running western series, did not have a web page (of any kind) devoted to it until mine. Take a look!

The University of Arkansas Physics Department

I helped with this mammoth project. Some of my work includes the more-or-less straight conversion (from print to hypertext) of the Undergraduate Program Information (including the Undergraduate Handbook, BS Program Info, and BA Program Info), the Graduate Handbook, and the High School Newsletters. Some of my more creative work can be seen in the Alumni Newsletters, the Graduate Program Information page, and the main Physics Page.

HTML Writers Guild

Member, HTML Writers Guild

The guild has lots of helpful info for the beginning HTML author, as well as those with experience. Stop by and take a look.

Other Links

An assortment of some of the unusual, mundane, helpful, and intriguing sites I've found on the Web.


Validate Your Web Page
Cross-platform Browser Color Palaettes
Andrew's MacTCP Drive-Thru
The URL-minder

Computer Related

Especially for Powerbooks
Apple Computer
The Mac Orchard
Version Tracker
INFO-MAC HyperArchive

TV-Radio Stuff

The Weather Channel
National Public Radio

Info From or About Spain

Sí Spain
ABC Electrónico
Madrid's Homepage


Snoopy's Dog House
Los Angeles Dodgers - USA Today
The LA Dodgers Homepage
Instant Baseball

* This page was created - while I was on vacation in Spain - on a Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs with PageSpinner (a Mac HTML editor). *


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