Christmas at the Long Branch
Christmas at the Long Branch


Holiday Gift Ideas

I can think of at least one Gunsmoke fan who likes to get a few Gunsmoke related items for Christmas. I give details on where to find most of these things on the "Where can I find...?" page, but if the choices there seem a little overwhelming, here is a short list of nifty Gunsmoke related items.

* Radio Shows - Almost any radio show would be fun to listen to.

* Books - A good stocking stuffer would be the new Fan Fiction book out - Gunsmoke by Gary McCarthy ($6). If you can find the book Gunsmoke by the Barabases then snatch it. It is one great book! (about $45, used)

* Festus Sings! - Yes, the guy who played Festus was also a singer (look here for more info). Fan Jim O'Neill sends in this info "His work can be found on the sole recording he made with the Tommy Dorsey Orch. on RCA Victor, "Love Sends A Little Gift Of Roses". It was recorded 9/26/41 and can be found on a current CD set, "Best of Tommy Dorsey" Intersound 1026."

* Gunsmoke Movies - The only good one is the first one. If you love this cast of characters, you need this movie! ($25)

* Real Dodge City Info - Call those people at the Boot Hill Museum. They can point you towards a good book or two.

* Videos of TV Episodes - Of course I have my own favorites. Here they are:

  • CBS Video/Fox Collection
    • Gunsmoke First Draw - this is the first tape, the one with the first episode. Every Gunsmoke fan should have this one
    • Gusmoke Vol. 6 - Goldmine. I don't have this one, but many people have written to me to tell me they like it. This one is on my list!

  • Columbia House Collection - It's probably too late to order one of their tapes. It seems to take about 5 or 6 weeks to get them. It may take less time if you are already a video club member. I think just about any of their tapes would be good, but here are a few special episodes that you may want to consider:
    • Quint Asper Comes Home (Vol.4) This is Burt Reynolds' first Gunsmoke
    • The Jailer (Vol. 5) Bette Davis is the guest star!
    • The Badge (Vol. 6) Matt gets shot and Kitty leaves Dodge!
    • The Golden Land (Vol. 7) This one has a very young Richard Dreyfus
    • The Wreckers (Vol 15) One of my favorite episodes.
    • Sam McTavish, M.D (Vol. 17) Doc falls in love here (with Vera Miles)
    • Matt's Love Story (Vol. 19) Matt kisses a woman. And it isn't Kitty!




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