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June 3, 2011 - Clearly, I don't work on this page much anymore. But James Arness died today, and I felt I should include that update. It is sad news.

December 18, 1999 - Wow, it's been a while since I've done an update. OK, well, now I have. I've changed some things on the front page, added (and removed) links on the Other Links and Resources page, updated James Arness' and Dennis Weaver's entries on the Cast Member Info page, done a little updating on the Audio/Video/Pictures page, and one small update on the Where to find... page. I think that's about all I can do for tonight. Enjoy!

March 24, 1999 - Another audio file of Gunsmoke ending music - this time from the 15th season. You'll find it with all the others, on the Audio/Video/Pictures page

March 18, 1999 - I've added two more links to new Gunsmoke web pages to the Other Links and Resources page. I've also added 4 recordings of ending themes from different seasons, including one sent in by Tony Elliott. That is, of course, what spurred me on. Thanks, Tony! (check the Audio/Video/Pictures page).

March 8, 1999 - I've added links to two new Gunsmoke web pages to the Other Links and Resources page. Many thank to the folks at the Gunsmoke Message Board for finding these links and passing them along!

March 7, 1999 - I've added and updated some info on the Where to find... page. I've also added a link to Morgan Woodward's homepage (see Other Links and Resources). I've also made a few changes to the front page over the past few weeks. I've added a link to TVLand's e-mail address, so that people can write to complain about Gunsmoke's reduced air time. Maybe we can get them to start showing the hour long black and white versions? Also, I've linked to Makodon Communications. They are promissing to make a new Gunsmoke radio episode available each week. See the Audio/Video/Pictures page for more info

January 27, 1999 - One small change that is big info - I've added a link to a new message board (run by Mandy, another Gunsmoke fan). This is big news, so it's on the front page!

December 8, 1998 - I've changed the front page a little and I've changed the Where to find... page a lot. I've added some info about where to get the Gunsmoke movies, and also info about a new Gunsmoke fan fiction book. I've created a page about the videos available from CBS/Fox Home Entertainment, and I've created a page with some Gunsmoke Holiday gift suggestions. Last, but not least, I've added a link to Amanda Blake's AIDS Quilt block (you can find that on the Television Cast Member Info page)

November 15, 1998 - Things are going slowly here, but I do have a little update for you. I've received some new info about the "Man in Black" as seen in the first color opening scenes. Read all about it in the section called Tamara's Tidbits. For people who keep track of the counter, it is now reading 38140 (since Jan. 9, 1997).

September 30, 1998 - Added the copyright notice to the front page, as well as a new copyright page. I have been shocked recently by the blatant disregard for the implied copyrights that I (and others) have regarding the material on this site (meaning several other web sites have stolen some of my material and images and have used them without getting my permission first). I find this simply shocking. I thought Gunsmoke fans were better people than that. I hope that by making the copyright explicit these people will think (and ask) before taking next time.

September 26, 1998 - Added a link to a place that sells replica badges of the old west - including one that looks like Matt's. Find this under "collectibles" on the Other Links and Resources page. There's a link to a picture of William Conrad under "Other Pictures On The Web" on the Audio/Video/Pictures page. Also on the Audio/Video/Pictures page is a link to a radio episode from 1956. What makes this special is that it is a rehearsal, not the actual episode that they broadcast. You can hear the cast laughing and cracking jokes. It's a lot of fun. Look under "Other Audio Clips On The Web."

September 23, 1998 - Added several links to Dodge City web pages on the Other Links and Resources page. I've also included more info about Ken Curtis' singing career, including a link to a Sons of the Pioneers web page. You'll find that on the new Television Cast Info page. The counter read 33611 at 9am this morning.

September 12, 1998 - Added a nifty new page with info about the main cast from TV's Gunsmoke. Look for a link to it from the TV Info Page, or link to it directly - Television Cast Info.

August 28, 1998 - Added some more info about where Gunsmoke was filmed - you can find that on the Other Links and Resources page. Also added some info about Kanab, Utah on the Fan Questions page. And I added the stuff that you see to the right: Site Awards - different places that have linked to my page because they feel it is a good site and Site Credits - the tools that help me put it all together.

August 21, 1998 - Finally, another update!! Check out the Other Links and Resources page for a new Gunsmoke page on AOL (people who don't have AOL can access it, too), and links to Dennis Weaver and Burt Reynolds web pages. Also, I've added a new section called "Where To Find..." to help people find books, videos, and audio tapes. More updates coming soon...

June 20, 1998 - I've updated the FAQ and the Other Links and Resources page with info sent in by several fans about Interloc, a place on the web where you can buy used books, like the Gunsmoke book by the Barabases, or Gunsmoke-based fiction.

June 20, 1998 - This update is about 2 weeks later than I had planned, and I still have more stuff to put up. But I've decided that I just want to get this up, and worry about the other stuff later. Here you will find: on the Other Links and Resources an address for James Arness, links to places where Gunsmoke was filmed, more links to collectables and autographs, and an updated url for John Mantley's page. On the Audio/Video/Pictures page I've added a picture sent to me by Meade Roberts, and the TV Land schedule for Gunsmoke reruns. On the Fan Questions page I've added some info sent in about the set Gunsmoke used for filming in Utah, and there's also a new question regarding the very first opening scene used on Gunsmoke. I think that's all for now :)

May 22, 1998 - I've finally finished my tidbit on Matt and Kitty's relationship. Visit Tamara's Tidbits and check it out!

May 18, 1998 - Added info about the USA Weekend tv show contest. This week is the week to vote for Gunsmoke! Visit the main page for info. Also on the main page is a link to the CBS: The First 50 Years special, coming up on Wednesday. Also added Buck Taylor's web site to both the FAQ and the Other Links and Resources page (thanks to Jeff Simms for the info).

April 26, 1998 - Put a little graphic on the TV Info page, showing during which seasons the main characters each appeared. Now it is easy to see, for example, there was one seasons that had Matt, Doc, Kitty, Chester, Festus, and Quint all at once.

April 22, 1998 - Added some more links to the Other Links and Resources page: one for collectables, one for a possible source for James Arness' address, one to the history of CBS studios, and one to a page with pictures of some child actors on Gunsmoke. I've also added links to a couple of new pictures on the Audio/Video/Pictures page. One picture is of Dennis Weaver winning his Emmy, the other is of William Conrad.

April 21, 1998 - Changed over all my audio files to the RealAudio format. This should let people download and enjoy the audio clips without waiting for a huge file to download. Visit the Audio/Video/Pictures page for details. Deleted the link to the page with the 4 radio shows, since they have removed them from their site. The counter read 21764 as of 9 am on April 21.

April 16, 1998 - Lots going on here at home, so my updates are a little less frequent right now. I have added a link to a page with 4 of the early radio shows, including the two pilots that were done with other people as "Mark" Dillon (instead of William Conrad). Check it out, and hurry. See the Audio/Video/Pictures page.

February 23, 1998 - Added a couple of new links to the Other Links and Resources page, and I've updated the two tidbits on Tamara's Tidbits page.

February 2, 1998 -Added a new tidbit to Tamara's Tidbits. This one is about the opening shoot-out with the Man in Black. Also added links to more TV Guide covers and more Gunsmoke Radio shows available on the web. See the Audio/Video/Pictures page. The counter reads 16381 visitors as of 9:30 am on Feb. 2.

January 27, 1998 - Added a new section called "Tamara's Tidbits." I plan to put little one page info sheets here. Right now there is only one tidbit - info about John Wayne's involvement with Gunsmoke. I've also added more links to the Other Links and Resources page, and I updated the FAQ.

January 19, 1998 - Added a complete list of radio episodes to the Radio Info Page. Also added info on where you can get radio shows on cassette to the the Other Links and Resources page. Other new links on the the Other Links and Resources and Audio/Video/Pictures pages are marked with the newsymbol. The counter read 15225 at 4 pm on Jan. 18.

January 4, 1998 - Completed a make-over of the site. Broke the page up into smaller parts. Hopefully it will be easier for people to find their way around now. Added a new section - Fan Questions. This is where I will post questions from fans that I just don't know the answer to. Hopefully some other fans out there have the answers. Added some new links on the Other Links and Resources page. Also added some graphics on each of the sub-pages. The counter read 14212 visitors at noon today.

January 1998 - We were reviewed in the January 1998 issue of "The Web Magazine." You can see it here. To bad they didn't wait for me to redo the site.

August 5, 1997 - Added information about Pat Hingle's character Dr. Chapman, and about "Dirty Sally." See Television Miscellaneous Information.

August 3, 1997 - Added the dates that Howard Culver was on the TV series, and also info about Mr. Culver and Marshal Dillon on the radio series (see Radio Miscellaneous Information). Also added links to another Gunsmoke page, and an episode guide for the TV episodes. And a notice about the name of Festus' mule being in the FAQ. There have been 6717 hits to this page as of noon on Aug. 2.

April 5, 1997 - Added the FAQ for the page. Please check the FAQ before sending me any e-mail. Also added a "New Links" subsection to the "Other Gunsmoke Links" section (to make it easier to pick out those new links). FYI: As of 7 am on April 4 there have been 2310 hits to this page.

February 20, 1997 - Added links to two new audio files - The theme from the 1950s, and the beginning sequence from around 1955. Also added this "what's new" page and finished the list of episodes offered by Columbia House (all 45 volumes - 148 episodes in all).

January 9, 1997 - The page goes up for the first time.

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