Festus, Thad, Doc, Kitty - 1966
Festus, Thad, Doc, Kitty - 1966


Tamara's Tidbits

Here you'll find little one page essays on some Gunsmoke stuff that I find interesting. These pages may contain several images or audio files. If you are accessing them during the middle of the day (peak times around here - 11 am to 3 pm Central Time) be aware that they may transfer a little slowly.

The audio files are in RealAudio format. You will need the RealAudio Player to listen to these files. Read this for an explanation of options and to get the Real Player, if you don't have it already.

I hope to be adding more tidbits every week or two, so check back often!

Tidbit #1: John Wayne and Gunsmoke

Was John Wayne ever really offered the role of Matt Dillon for the TV series? Did you know that he introduced the first TV episode? Want to hear what he said?

Tidbit #2: The Opening Scene Through the Years

Remember the famous opening scene showing Matt in a shoot-out with the "Man in Black"? There are actually several versions of this famous scene. Come look and see how they compare.

Tidbit #3 Matt and Kitty's Relationship new

This is just how I view Matt and Kitty's very special relationship. I'd be interested in your opinion!



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