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Gunsmoke by SuzAnne and Gabor Barabas (ISBN 0-89950-418-3) - This is the best book about the Gunsmoke radio and TV series out there. Rumored to be out of print, it is still available from the publisher, as well as and other places. The price is about $75. You may be able to get a used one for less. Look for it in used book stores or at Alibris. Publisher: McFarland and Company (

Gunsmoke by Gary McCarthy - For the fan that is into fan fiction this might be just the ticket. This is the first book in a new series based on the characters from the TV show. Look for it at your local bookstore, or at or, or go directly to Putnam for more information. Note: Book 2 in the series is now out, also available at the usual booksellers.

A truly interesting book called TV Tie-Ins: A Bibliography of American TV Tie-In Paperbacks is available ( Although not strictly about Gunsmoke, it looks like a lot of fun.

Other Gunsmoke books, including Gunsmoke paperbacks and out of print books
Some good places to look for all sorts of Gunsmoke books are Interloc and the out of print section of There you can find (used) Gunsmoke books of all types. Just do a search for Gunsmoke and see what is available. Visit often, as their selection changes daily.

TV Shows:

There are two sources for videos of the TV show:

Columbia House Video. They have more than 40 tapes available (here is a list of what they have). You can join their video club, and get a new Gunsmoke tape every 6 weeks or so. Or you can order them separately (this is how I do it). Call (800) 457-0866. These tapes run about $30, with two hours of programming each.

CBS Video/Fox Home Entertainment. These people have 7 tapes available (here is a list), and you can pick them up either at your local video store or at (do a search for Arness to find them). These tapes run about $15, but you only get one hour of programming.

Bloopers from the TV show:

It might be fun to have a tape with some Gunsmoke bloopers on it. I think they sell for about $20 from Movies Unlimited.


Radio Shows:

Nearly every episode of the radio series is available on CD. Look here for more information. You can even listen to some on the web. Go to the Audio/Video/Pictures page for more info.


There are lots of collectibles out there. Everything from old TV Guides to jigsaw puzzles to viewmaster sets to trading cards. Gasoline Alley has a good selection, as do many of the other places listed on my "Other Links" page. Also, you can check ebay, an online auction house. Search for "Gunsmoke."

Made for TV Movies:

There have been five made for TV movies based on Gunsmoke:

Return to Dodge - this is the original Gunsmoke reunion movie from 1987. It has Matt, Kitty, Newly, and flashbacks of Doc. I have this one on tape, and I do enjoy watching it from time to time. It sells for about $25.

The next four movies only have Matt in them, and someone who is apparently Matt's daughter (in the episode called "Matt's Love Story" he had an affair with a woman played by Michael Learned). I have only seen part of the first one, so I can't say whether or not they are worth picking up. The price seems to be around $5 each.

The Last Apache (1990)
To The Last Man (1991)
The Long Ride (1992)
One Man's Justice (1993)

You can find these movies at your local video store, or at (a search for Arness will bring them up)

Info about the Real Dodge City:

Call the folks at the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas. There are all sorts of books and information that they can sell you. These people are very friendly and love to talk! (316) 227-8188.

Scripts from the TV Series

I have seen scripts for sall at Alibris (the online used book source) as well as







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