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Audio Files, Still Pictures, and Video Clips

Scattered about on the web there are lots of places with pictures/audio files/video clips, etc. I have included here as many links as I know about. A couple are here on my site, but the majority are elsewhere. If you encounter a dead link please let me know, so I can remove it from the list!


* Gunsmoke Radio Shows on the 'Net

No sites available right now. Please e-mail me if you know where to listen to any Gunsmoke radio shows...

*Gunsmoke on TV

Look for Gunsmoke on many local stations around the country. Reruns of the half hour shows may be listed under the name "Marshal Dillon." Nick-at-Nite TV Land shows reruns almost every day. Check your local listings for times, or go to and search for Gunsmoke and Marshal Dillon.

TV Land listings
I just can't keep up with all of TVLand's time changes. I know for sure it comes on at 3pm eastern time on weekday (that's when I watch it). You can check their web site for the most up to date listings, or use to find out when it is on. Be sure to look for both "Gunsmoke" and "Marshal Dillon"

Matt, Doc, Kitty, Festus, Quint

*From My Site:

Most of my audio files are now in RealAudio format. You will need the RealAudio Player to listen to these files. Read this for an explanation of options and to get the Real Player, if you don't have it already.

*From the Nick at Nite Site:

*From the TV Guide Site:

*From the Old Time Radio Site:

*From the Adventures in Cassettes Site:

Two RealAudio files to download. These are from two different radio episodes.

*Other Audio Clips on the Web:

  • Earthstation1 offers the theme of both the radio show and the tv show:
    .. Radio show theme (289 k wav file)
    .. TV show theme (2 MB wav file)

  • OTR Moments in MPEG Layer-3 offers two old Gunsmoke radio show in MPEG Layer-3 format:
    Sept. 2, 1997 for "The Photographer" (3.8 MB)
    Aug. 19, 1998 for a rehearsal of "New Hotel" (3.9 MB)

  • Yesterday USA is a non-profit group that broadcasts old radio shows over cable TV, satellite TV, low powered radio stations, and the internet. They have a collection of 37 old Gunsmoke radio shows in RealAudio format that you can listen to anytime if you are a member. The key here is membership. Visit their site for details.

*Other Pictures on the Web:



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