CBS Video/Fox Home Entertainment

There are seven video tapes of Gunsmoke episodes available from CBS Video/Fox Home Entertainment:

Gunsmoke First Draw (sometimes just called "Gunsmoke")

Matt Gets It (1955) This is the first episode of Gunsmoke, with John Wayne's intro.
Hack Prine (1956) Shown in the first season, also, but it was originally the pilot episode for the series.

Gunsmoke Volume 1
The Killer (1956) Another first season episode, Charles Bronson guest stars as (you guessed it!) a killer.
Kitty's Outlaw (1957) This is the third season episode in which Matt says "Kitty knows a lot of men, Chester."

Gunsmoke Volume 2
The Pest Hole (1956) This is still from the first season
The Guitar (1956) This first season episode guest stars Aaron Spelling (of Charlie's Angels fame).

Gunsmoke Volume 3
Sins of the Father (1957) This second season episode has Angie Dickinson playing an Indian woman.
Last Fling (1957) In this second season episode Kitty is suspected of murder.

Gunsmoke Volume 4
Hot Spell (1955) This was the second episode
Word of Honor (1955) This was the third episode

Gunsmoke Volume 5
The Avengers (1965) This is from the eleventh season, one of the elusive hour long black and white episodes. I don't think it is a great episode, but it is fun to see everyone just one year before they went to color.

Gunsmoke Volume 6
Gold Mine (1965) Another eleventh season show, I haven't seen this one so I can't tell you if it's any good. Several people have written to me about it, and they all seem to like it. This one is on my Christmas list this year!



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