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Updated April 12, 2000

Episode Guides

Episode guide in Adobe Acrobat format! Download this guide and print it out! (261 K) It looks great. Keep a copy on your computer, and search the text for any word or name at any time. This includes all the writers and directors, guest cast members, broadcast dates, and a plot synopsis for every episode. When viewed on the screen it looks kind of funny (but still readable), but when printed out it really looks nice. Visit Adobe for a free Acrobat Reader if you do not already have one. The TeX files used to produce this document are available for anyone who wants them. Please just write and ask me. I'll get around to posting them up here one of these days.

For Quick Online Viewing: Scarecrow and Mrs. King episode guide text file. This is a totally new episode guide (not the same one that has been floating around for a couple of years now), by Donna R. Lemaster.

Note: These two guides are not quite the same. The Acrobat Guide contains more information. The Text File guide downloads more quickly. They were written by two different people.

NEW ---> This is not mine, but it is great to look at: Amy's Scarecrow and Mrs. King Guide. It is a collection of her notes about every episode. This is the perfect companion to the episode guides above.


Episode Lists

The broadcast history of Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Alphabetical listing of all the Scarecrow episodes

The episode titles in German

First Season Episode List
The order the first season episodes were broadcast

Coming Someday! ... episode titles in French.

Other Items of Interest

My review of the Third Season episode "We're Off To See The Wizard."

I have put together the rankings that I gave to the third season episodes at the time that they appeared. Remember, this was ten years ago and I have changed a lot since then. Maybe someday I'll do an updated list....

Four articles from TV Guide's Grapevine section regarding Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

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