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Updated January 14, 1997

July 20, 1985

Renovation Work: CBS's Scarecrow and Mrs. King has been "freshened up" by a new team of writers. The show will have "more variety" and "move more quickly." Magnum, P.I. "will be more centered around Tom Selleck" and have "more recognizable guest stars." The addition of Morgan Fairchild and Apollonia Kotero to the cast of Falcon Crest should "beef up" the ratings of that CBS serial.

July 27, 1985

The Spy Who Liked Me

Will Scarecrow and Mrs. King's Lee Stetson and Amanda King (Bruce Boxleitner, Kate Jackson) ever get romantically involved? Don't hold your breath. This season, Lee gets a girl friend, a beautiful UN translator (played by Elyssa Davalos), and while Amanda reveals a flash of jealousy when she meets the new woman, the relationship between the title characters will remain strictly flirtatious. How come? The producers feel a secret agent is hardly ready to settle down with a wife and kids.

Aug 30, 1986

The Spy Who Loved Me?

It was always assumed that CBS's Scarecrow and Mrs. King (Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson) would never become romantically involved because of the dangerous nature of their work, which is espionage. But with Amanda on her way to becoming a full-fledged agent, a full-blown (albeit clandestine) romance is now looming for next season. Their mutual attraction "has evolved over the last three years," says executive producer George Geiger, "and should be allowed to take its natural course." Could that mean wedding bells? That's still top secret.
date unknown (summer 1986?)

Party Line

Actor Vladimir Skomarovsky, a Soviet citizen who spends half his time in the USSR, is in Hollywood to guest-star in the two-part season premiere of Scarecrow and Mrs. King. His role: a rogue KGB agent bent on revenge against Lee Stetson (Bruce Boxleitner). "I'm glad to see the producers showing a serious Russian character," says Skomarovsky, "not just a caricature....You have to understand the KGB. They are just serving their country." In which country would he rather live? "When I'm here, I say America. When in Russia, I say I prefer it there." Is good answer, comrade.

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