Here are the German eqivalents of some
Scarecrow and Mrs. King episode titles

Agentin mit Herz - Scarecrow and Mrs.King

The following information (and picture!) comes to us by way of, a Scarecrow fan in Germany. The picture itself is a link to a larger (105 k) jpeg version of the same picture.

First Season - Second Season - Third Season - Fourth Season

Agentin mit Herz

First Season

1.01) The First Time
German Title: 

1.02) There Goes The Neighborhood
German Title: Das Geheimnis des Erfolges
Retranslation: The secret of success

1.03) If Thoughts Could Kill
German Title: 

1.04) Magic Bus
German Title: Eine Festung auf Raedern
Retranslation: A fortress on wheels

1.05) The A.C.M. Kid
German Title: 

1.06) Service Above And Beyond
German Title: Ein riskantes Abenteuer
Retranslation: A risky adventure

1.07) Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth 
German Title: Am seidenen Faden
Retranslation: It hung by a thread

1.08) Saved By The Bells
German Title: Auf eigene Faust
Retranslation: On their own 

1.09) Sudden Death
German Title: 

1.10) The Long Chrismas Eve
German Title: Friede auf Erden
Retranslation: Peace on earth

1.11) Remembrane Of Things Past
German Title: Auferstehung von den Toten
Retranslation: Resurrection from the dead

1.12) Lost And Found
German Title: Spuren der Vergangenheit 
Retranslation: Traces of the past

1.13) I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been... A Spy
German Title: In letzter Sekunde
Retranslation: At the last second

1.14) Dead Ringer
German Title: Die Doppelgaengerin
Retranslation: The doppelganger

1.15) The Mole
German Title: 

1.16) Savior
German Title: 

1.17) The Artful Dodger
German Title: In der Falle
Retranslation: In the trap

1.18) Filming Raul
German Title: Die Verfolgung
Retranslation: The chase

1.19) Fearless Dotty
German Title: Heisse Ware
Retranslation: Hot goods ( i.e.stolen goods)

1.20) Weekend
German Title: In geheimer Mission
Retranslation: On a secret mission

1.21) Waiting For Godorsky
German Title: Warten auf Godorsky
Retranslation: "Ditto"

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Second Season

2.22) To Catch A Mongoose
German Title: Diamanten gegen Bargeld
Retranslation: Diamants for cash

2.23) Times They Are A Changing
German Title: 

2.24) Double Agent
German Title: Ein Doppelleben
Retranslation: A double-life

2.25) The Legend Of Das Geisterschloss
German Title: Das Geisterschloss
Retranslation: The Geisterschloss :)

2.26) Charity Begins At Home
German Title: Ein tiefgekuehlter Fall
Retranslation: A deep-freeze case

2.27)  Brunettes Are In
German Title: Nachtfalter

2.28)  Our Man in Tegernsee
German Title: 

2.29)  Affair In Bromfield Hall
German Title: Skandal in Bromfield Hal

2.30)  A Class Act
German Title: Uberlebenstraing

2.31) Playing Possum
German Title: Unter Hypnose

2.32)  The Three Faces Of Lady Emily
German Title: Die Masken der Lady Emily

2.33)  Ship Of Spies
German Title: Unter falschem Namen

2.34) Spiderweb
German Title: Die Ueberlaeufer
Retranslation: The defectors

2.35) A Little Sex, A Little Scandal
German Title: Ein toedlicher Auftrag
Retranslation: A deadly mission

2.36) A Relative Situation
German Title: Abgestuerzt
Retranslation: Crashed!

2.37) Life Of The Party
German Title: Der Mafia-Pate
Retranslation: The Mafia-goodfather

2.38) Odds On A Dead Pigeon
German Title: 

2.39) Car Wars
German Title: Weisses Gift
Retranslation: White poison

2.40) DOA: Delirious On Arrival
German Title: 

2.41) You Only Die Twice
German Title: Toten schenkt man kein Vertrauen
Retranslation: You don't trust the dead

2.42) Burn Out
German Title: Stunde der Wahrheit
Retranslation: The hour of truth

2.43) Murder Between Friends
German Title: Mord unter Freunden
Retranslation: "Ditto"

2.44) Vigilante Mothers
German Title: 

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Third Season

3.45) A Lovely Little Affair
German Title: Amandas kleine Romanze
Retranslation: Amanda's little romance

3.46) We're Off To See The Wizard
German Title: Man stirbt nur einmal
Retranslation: You only die once

3.47) Over The Limit
German Title: Raubfische
Retranslation: Predatory fishes

3.48) Tail Of The Dancing Weasel
German Title: Das Ende einer Karriere
Retranslation: The end of a carreer

3.49) Welcome To America, Mr. Brand
German Title: Lieben Sie Amerika?
Retranslation: Do you love America?

3.50) Sour Grapes
German Title: Toedlicher Wein
Retranslation: Deadly wine

3.51) Utopia Now
German Title: 

3.52) Reach For The Sky
German Title: Gefahr ueber der Stadt
Retranslation: Danger over the city

3.53) J. Edgar's Ghost
German Title: Ein zielbewusster Profi
Retranslation: A single-minded pro(fessional)

3.54) Flight To Freedom
German Title: Flug in die Freiheit
Retranslation: "Ditto"

3.55) Fast Food For Thought
German Title: Giftmischer
Retranslation: Poisoner

3.56) One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn't
German Title: Falsche Freunde
Retranslation: False friends

3.57) Playing For Keeps
German Title: Spiel, Satz und Tod
Retranslation: Game, set and death

3.58) Pharoah's Engineer 
German Title: Das Geheimnis der Pyramide
Retranslation: The secret of the pyramide

3.59) The Triumvirate
German Title: Das Triumvirat
Retranslation: "Ditto"

3.60) The Eyes Have It
German Title: Geheimnisvolle Augen
Retranslation: Mysterious Eyes

3.61) Wrong Number
German Title: Francine in Nöten
Retranslation: Francine in trouble

3.62) The Boy Who Could Be King
German Title: Ein koenigliches Erbe
Retranslation: A royal heritage

3.63) Dead Men Leave No Trails
German Title: Spuren aus dem Jenseits
Retranslation: Traces from Beyond

3.64) Three Little Spies
German Title: Spione unter sich
Retranslation: Spies among themselves

3.65) The Wrong Way Home
German Title: Mr.Kings Heimkehr
Retranslation: Mr. King's return home

3.66) All the World's A Stage
German Title: Die Wahrheitsdroge
Retranslation: The truth serum

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Fourth Season

4.67) Stemwinder Part 1
German Title:

4.68) Stemwinder Part 2
German Title:

4.69) No Thanks For The Memory
German Title: Amanda schlaegt Alarm
Retranslation: Amanda gives alarm

4.70) It's In The Water
German Title: Als das Wasser gruen wurde
Retranslation:When the water became green

4.71) Night Crawler
German Title: 

4.72) Billy's Lost Weekend
German Title: Die Kalahari-Liste
Retranslation: The Kalahari list

4.73) Photo Finish
German Title: Der Killersatellit
Retranslation: The killer-satellite

4.74) The Man Who Died Twice
German Title:

4.75) Need To Know
German Title: Der Starreporter
Retranslation: The star-reporter

4.76) Santa's Got A Brand New Bag 
German Title: Heisse Weihnacht
Retranslation: Hot Christmas

4.77) Any Number Can Play
German Title: Familienangelegenheiten
Retranslation: Family Matters

4.78) Promises To Keep
German Title: Das Syndikat
Retranslation: The syndicate

4.79) Rumors Of My Death
German Title: Ein Toter namens Stetson
Retranslation: A dead man called Stetson

4.80) Unfinished Business
German Title:

4.81) Bad Timing
German Title: 

4.82) Do You Take This Spy
German Title: Hochzeit mit Hindernissen
Retranslation: A wedding with hindrances

4.83) Mission Of Gold
German Title: Das Gold der Bodega
Retranslation: The gold of the Bodega

4.84) One Flew East
German Title: Amanda schiesst mit Tennisbaellen
Retranslation: Amanda shoots with tennis balls

4.85) All That Glitters
German Title: Amanda und die Millionaerin
Retranslation: Amanda and the female millionair

4.86) Suited For Framing
German Title: Lee stellt eine Falle
Retranslation: Lee sets a trap

4.87) A Matter Of Choice
German Title: Francines grosse Liebe
Retranslation: Francine's great(est) love

4.88)The Khrushchev List
German Title: Giraffe gesucht
Retranslation: Wanted: giraffe

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