Guess The Episode
A Scarecrow and Mrs. King Game

You know how it is - you're in the mood for an episode. You root around through your drawer full of Scarecrow tapes to find just the right one. Maybe it's a favorite third season episode, maybe it's the one where Lee proposed. Whatever ... you finally find the tape. And then you realize that some idiot forgot to rewind it. In fact, they left it right in the middle somewhere. Now you're ready to play GUESS THE EPISODE.

You pop the tape into the machine and press play. How long will it take you to figure out which episode this is?

Well, that's the premise of this game. Here's how you play: You've popped the tape in, you are going to turn it on. Fortunately, you wrote down which episodes are on this tape, so at least you can narrow your choices down to 6 (instead of the whole 88 i n the series). On the following pages you will see a semi-randomly selected picture taken from one of six episodes. Look at the picture. If you think you know the episode it comes from then click on that title. Are you right? If not, then you can pr ess the fast forward button and get another picture from the same episode. You can guess again, or just keep looking at pictures. Eventually you will have to guess, or else leave without knowing which episode it is.

Explanation of Symbols:

. Rewind - Takes you to the previous page
. Stop - Exits the game and puts you back to Tamara's Scarecrow Page
. Play - Takes you to the next page (with the next picture)
. Fast Forward - Does the same thing that the "play" button does.

Episode List - just click the name of the episode that you think the clips are from. You'll know if you are right.

OK, ready to Play? Just hit this play button, and you're off.......