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Updated April 6, 2000


All autio files are now in Real Audio format. You'll need the RealAudio player to play it. Go to www.real.com for more info.

Theme to Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Here it is, folks, the theme to Scarecrow and Mrs. King! Remember, this is in RealAudio format. You can play it online, or download it and play it later. The choice is yours.

If you're looking for a midi version of the them, follow this link to Nancy's Scarecrow and Mrs. King midi page.



The Scarecrow and Mrs. King Christmas theme.
Some background info: This is the theme that was played during the opening credits of the Fourth Season Christmas episode (entitled Santa's Got A Brand New Bag). The show originally aired December 19, 1986, and was filmed the week of November 3 - 7, 1986. I have special feelings towards this particular episode because my friend Karen and I visited Warner Bros. Studios on Thursday, Nov. 6, 1986. We told our tour guide that we were major Scarecrow fans and she took us through Amanda's house i nterior set (they were filming at the Agency set). So we were able to see Amanda's house with all the Christmas decorations. It was wonderful. We even saw Kate Jackson herself, apparently on a break from shooting. I highly recommend a WB studios tour. It is 10 times better than the Universal studios tour, and a lot more personalized.
But enough about me, on to the music...You can play it as it downloads or download it now and play it later. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!

Here are some other audio files that I've recorded. Enjoy!

The first meeting between Lee and Amanda.
This is the famous conversation on the train platform involving the "man in the red hat." This clip is about 43 seconds long.Amanda and Lee meet: play it now or download it


How Lee's parents met
In the episode "Unifinished Business" from the 4th season, Lee is investigating his parents death. They find an old letter that Lee's mom had started writing to him (he must have been about 5 or so at the time). Lee asks Amanda to read it, then it fades into his mother's voice (she was British), and then back into Amanda's voice. They met in the same way Lee and Amanda did. Play it now or download it.


A cute scene between Lee and Amanda
This is a scene from "Ship of Spies." When Lee is asking Amanda to come along with him, she seems reluctant, until she has this coversation with him. This scene really seems to sum up Amanda's attitude towards working with Lee: she wants to, but only if he wants her to, and only if she can tell her mother something that isn't a lie. It's a cute scene. A scene between Lee and Amanda: play it now or download it

Other Audio Files

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