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Is Scarecrow on TV in the US?


PAX airs Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Visit the PAX website for the schedule and station info.

Video Clip - The missing sock scene from A Matter of Choice - One of Amanda's few scenes in this episode and Pax cut it! Now you can watch it here (Real Video format) about 2 minutes. View it now or download it.

Nightcrawler Video Clip - One of the scenes cut from the 4/12 showing of Nightcrawler is very good. I have a video clip (in Real Video format) of the scene. View it now or download it.

Is Scarecrow available on Video Tape?


Columbia House Video is reportedly selling Scarecrow and Mrs. King tapes. I have not seen them on their web site, but many people say that the tapes are listed in some of their ads. Visit their site now.

(But please don't ask me for help - I haven't bought the tapes myself, and I haven't seen them. I am only passing on info others have sent me)


The original run of Scarecrow and Mrs. King on CBS ended about 11 years ago. Since then it has been in syndication on local stations, as well as on national cable networks. It ran for several years on The Family Channel in the early 1990's, and most recently could be seen on the Lifetime network (January 1996 - November 1996).

If you'd like to know which episodes Lifetime did show in it's short run in 1996, here's a list of episodes that were on in August, September, October, and November. Episodes shown in February and March, April and May, and June and July are listed separately.


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