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Updated April 21, 1997

The Effort to Get Scarecrow Back on TV

Press Release

"Friends of Scarecrow and Mrs King"--the internet-based group largely responsible for last year's syndicated run of the 1983-87 series starring Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson, on Lifetime--announces it's campaign to get the show put on the cable network A&E. The group urges fans to show their support by calling and writing the network and asking them to put the series in their lineup.

To write or call A&E:

235 East 45th Street
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 661-4500.

For further information about "Friends of Scarecrow and Mrs King" or the campaign, call Jason Bodine at (205) 547-8818 or send e-mail to jbodine@internetpro.net.

Additional Information:

Visit the A&E web site. They have an e-mail form for suggestions there. You can hunt around for it yourself, or go to the form directly - A&E Feedback.

People who want copies of the episodes

Lots of people have written asking for copies of some episodes. I don't have the ability to make any copies myself, but there is hope. One thing to try is contacting the Columbia House Video people. One dedicated fan has reported that Columbia House told her they are going to carry Scarecrow. Many other fans have reported that Columbia House told them that they will not carry Scarecrow, so they seem to be a bit confused. Maybe if we all keep pestering them they will give in and get it. Here is their e-mail address: vl_customer_service@columbiahouse.com and here is their phone number: (800) 457-0866. I talked to one representative from CH who told me that all the videos they sell are recorded at their place of origin (for Scarecrow that would be Warner Bros.). That means we could stand a very good chance of getting the uncut versions, as were originally shown on CBS.

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