Homework Week 3

We've kind of gotten out of sequence here!

This week, the main thing is to figure out what most of the names of the orbifolds mean and what most of the orbifolds are. Next week we'll find out why these are the only orbifolds possible.

The subsymmetry part is very interesting, but time is running out. Give this less attention.

From Part 2
Q1 Make a pattern
Q2 Hard Question
Q3 Theorem about circular symmetries
Q4 Is subsymmetry-ness transitive?
Q5 Make web of Sub-symmetries for frieze patterns
Q8 What do these names mean?
Q9 What do these names mean? What are motifs for the patterns?
Q12 What are orbifolds for the patterns ?
Q15 Sub-symmetries Revealed!

From Part 3
Q1 Answer 1-6 on The Annulus and the Mobius Band
Q2 About the bands
Q3 Read and understand The Torus and the Klein Bottle