Honors Colloquium / Philosophical Seminar:
Scanlon on Reasons, Value, and Morality
Richard Lee
Philosophy 3923 H 011 / 5983 011 Summer 1999

An Evolving Schedule


5/20ThursdayWilliams, "Internal and External Reasons"
Appendix: Williams on Internal and External Reasons
5/25TuesdayChapter 1: Reasons
5/27ThursdayChapter 2: Values
6/1TuesdayChapter 3: Well-Being
6/3ThursdayChapter 4: Wrongness and Reasons
6/8TuesdayChapter 5: The Structure of Contractualism
6/10ThursdayChapter 6: Responsibility
6/15TuesdayChapter 7: Promises
6/17ThursdayChapter 8: Relativism
6/22TuesdayStudent Presentations
6/24ThursdayStudent Presentations

All dates are 1999.

All readings are from Scanlon What We Owe to Each Other unless otherwise indicated. Other materials will be available in the philosophy library (MAIN 315) for you to read.

This schedule is subject to change.

Richard Lee, rlee@comp.uark.edu, last modified: 18 May 1999