Honors Colloquium / Philosophical Seminar:
Scanlon on Reasons, Value, and Morality
Richard Lee
Philosophy 3923 H 011 / 5983 011 Summer 1999

Course Requirements
There will be several ways to earn points for this class:

short papers (assigned) 10 pts each
short presentations 10 pts each
term paper 30 pts
full presentation 30 pts

Those signed up for undergraduate credit (PHIL 3923H): Your grade will determined the best scores on an attempted 100 points. You may do any mixture of short papers, short presentations, term paper and full presentations. But only the scores will count if you attempt more than 100 points (which you are encouraged to do).

Those signed up for graduate credit (PHIL 5983): You must do a term paper. The better score of a presentation, if you choose to do one, and the term paper will count for 30% of the grade. The remainder (70%) will be made up of the best seven grades from short papers and short presentations.

Short Papers:

By each class (except the first) a short paper will be due. The topic will be assigned at the end of the previous class. (I will also post the assignment on a "world wide web" page (http://comp.uark.edu/~rlee/semisu99/assign.html) for those who miss class or wish to refresh their memories.) They may be submitted electronically to rlee@comp.uark.edu or on paper in my mailbox or under my door. Because of the purpose of these papers and the fact that more will be assigned than will be counted, late papers will not be accepted.

These assignments will help to keep us up with the reading and focussed on the topic. Having the papers submitted on the day before class will allow me to glance at them and have a sense of what the members of the class are thinking as we head into the week's session.

Short Presentations

If you wish to make a short (approx. 15 minute) presentation on material related to Scanlon during the course, schedule it with Prof. Lee.

Term Papers

Full Presentations

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