Logic Richard Lee
Philosophy 2203 011Summer 1999

Using LogicCoach III software

What you will need:

How to obtain a copy of LogicCoach III for your home computer:

What labs have access to LogicCoach III:

The two PCs in the Philosophy Computer lab in MAIN 318A will have the most recent version of the program. I need to check to see what versions other labs on campus may have. If you need the program in a specific lab, please let me know.

How to begin the program:

If you are installing the program to a home computer, put disk one in drive and run "setup" on that drive. (If you don't know how, ask.) Follow the on screen instructions.

Windows 3.1: Once the program is installed, you can run it by double clicking on the "space shuttle" LogicCoach III icon. If you can't find that icon on a lab machine, ask a lab operator.

Windows 95: Click on "Start" then "Find" then "Files or folders," then type "LogicCoach" and press "Find Now." Double-clicking on a "shortcut" file that is listed should run the program. (There are plenty of other ways to start the program, which users of Windows 95 will know, but this should work.)

At this point the LogicCoach III will take over. Almost all operating instructions will appear on the screen as needed. Read the screen if you are not sure what key to press or where to click next. (It may get confusing. If so, ask the instructor.)

The first time you run the program you should tell it who you are. Put your main student record disk in drive A. (If you are not sure how to insert the disk, ask.) Click

Experiment and play with the program--you cannot break it. The computer is patient and will wait while you think.

What keys do:

F1gets help on how to use the program
F4checks that your answer is correct. The general mode of operation is that you create the answer on the screen and then press F4 to have the computer check whether your answer is correct. F4 must be pressed before the computer will evaluate your answer and ask if you wish to go on to the next exercise
Backspaceerases the last character entered
Escallows you to quit what you are doing
?gives help on logic
Alt+F1quits LogicCoach III

The four cursor arrow keys found on the keypad at the extreme right of the keyboard (some keyboards have a second set of these) operate the "dials." One some of the dials the Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys also work. Use the left- and right- pointing arrows to change the highlighted part of the "dial." The other keys change what is found in the highlighted portion. Dial your choice and press Enter, or dial your answer and press F4.

"Press Enter" means to press the key labeled with the word "Enter." (It does not mean to press those five letters.) On some keyboards this is merely indicated by a backward capital L.

How to record your work:

The program can store records on the use of it. However, the program will not inform your instructor unless you choose to save the records it keeps. When you finish a set of exercises, you will be shown the record and asked to press Enter to file it. If you wish to redo the exercises to improve your performance, choose Esc and then redial the same set.

To submit your work for class you will need to copy the student data file from your main student record disk to one of your two submission disks. The file you will need to copy is of the form "username.001", where "username" is your assigned username for the course (typically the first four letters of your last name followed by the first four letters of your first name--without spaces) and that's followed by dot-zero-zero-one.

If you don't know how to copy a file from one floppy to another in the same drive, ask for assistance. Here's one way that should work:

  1. make sure your main disk is in drive A
  2. get to a DOS prompt (either by exiting Windows or double clicking on the DOS icon).
  3. remain logged to drive C (usually indicated by something like "C>" as a prompt)
  4. type: copy A:username.001 C:
  5. then take out your main disk and insert one of submission disks
  6. type: copy C:username.001 A:

(where "username.001" is replaced in both cases by the appropriate filename, such as "smitjohn.001").

General advice:

For best results bring your textbook with you.

Report any difficulties to Richard Lee, extension 5826, e-mail: rlee@comp.uark.edu, office: MAIN 302.

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