Course Requirements for Honors Coloquium

Short papers, assigned, 10% each, best 7 = 70%
Term paper = 30%
Short papers:
Each Monday (by 5 p.m.) a short paper will be due. The topic will be assigned the previous Thursday in class. (I will also post the assignment on a "world wide web" page ( for those who miss class or wish to refresh their memories.) They may be submitted electronically to> or on paper in my mailbox or under my door. The best seven grades for each student will be counted. Because of the purpose of these papers and the fact that more will be assigned than will be counted, late papers will not be accepted.
Important Dates:
Term paper proposal due: 11/9
Term paper draft due: 11/28
Term paper (final version) due: 12/12

Richard Lee,, last modified: 29 July 1998