Introduction to Philosophy Richard Lee
Philosophy 2003 C 001Spring 1999

Schedule of Readings
-- Wisdom & Argument --1/11 - 1/25
Pojman, "What Is Philosophy?" pp.2-5
Pojman, "How to Read and Write a Philosophy Paper" pp.637-639
Plato, "Socratic Wisdom" pp.6-18
Lee, "Identifying and Formulating Arguments"web
Pojman, "Excursus: A Little Bit of Logic" pp.23-37
-- God & Causes --1/27 - 2/3
Edwards, "A Critique of the Cosmological Argument" pp.46-55
Hume, "A Critique of the Teleological Argument" pp.60-67
First Examination2/8
-- Evil & Faith --2/10 - 2/22
Johnson, "Why Doesn't God Intervene to Prevent Evil?" pp.77-82
James, "The Will to Believe" pp.97-105
-- Right & Wrong --2/24 - 3/3
Rachels, "Morality is not Relative" pp.375-384
Kant, "The Moral Law"pp.418-430
Lee, "Kantian Ethical Theory"web
Second Examination3/8
-- Skepticism & Knowledge --3/10 - 3/24
Descartes, "Cartesian Doubt and the Search for Foundational Knowledge" pp.129-135
Descartes, "Dualist Interactionism" [in part] pp.221-225
Hume, "The Origin of Our Ideas and Skepticism about Causal Reasoning"pp.157-165
-- Mind & Body --3/29 - 4/7
Descartes, "Dualistic Interactionism" [in part] pp.225-228
Moreland, "A Contemporary Defense of Dualism" pp.234-245
Churchland, "On Functionalism and Materialism" pp.245-260
Searle, "Minds, Brains, and Computers" pp.269-276
Third Examination4/12
-- Freedom & Determinism --4/14 - 4/19
Stace, "Compatibilism" pp.341-347
Taylor, "A Contemporary Defense of Free Will" pp.356-364
-- Life & Happiness --4/21 - 4/26
Epicurus, "Moderate Hedonism" pp.517-522
Epictetus, "Stoicism: Enchiridion" pp.523-532
Fourth Examination4/28
Universal Makeup Examination5/7

This schedule is subject to change.

Richard Lee,, last modified: 21 April 1999