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Excuses for God Allowing There to be Evil
("B. C. Johnson")

1. The baby will go to heaven. [P 78a]
2. The babyís painful death will have good results in the long run. [P78a]
3. Man has been given free will. [P 78b]
4. It is best for us to face disasters without assistance. [P 78b]
5. If God interferes in disasters, he would destroy moral urgency. [P 79b]
6. Suffering is necessary for the production of virtues. [P 79b]
7. God allows suffering in order to deflate manís ego. [P 79b]
8. Evil is a necessary by-product of the laws of nature. [P 79b]
9. Evil is necessary for us, by contrast, to know what good is. [P 80a]
10. God has a higher morality. [P 80ab]
11. God may not be all powerful. [P 80b]
12. We have faith in Godís goodness. [P 80b]

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