Ethics and the Professions Autumn 1998

Third Examination: Ground Rules

As always, cheating will not be tolerated. It is important therefore that I clarify the "ground rules" of this examination. Please read these carefully.

1. Naturally no help in answering the questions may be received from anyone (except yourself) during the examination. The work you hand in should be your own work.
2. Students may bring with them to the examination one (1) sheet of paper (8½" x 11", one side only, crammed as full as they care to make it) of notes to use during the examination. You may use any abbreviations or diagrams on the sheet you find helpful (as well as English, of course). You may not use any unusual aids (e.g., magnifying glass, microfiche reader) during the examination to read the sheet. (Your usual spectacles and contact lenses are not "unusual aids.") No other books or notes may be used during the examination.
3. What appears on the sheet of notes you bring to class should be your own work. Each person should be the "author" of his or her own "sheet." One exception: you may include quotations (but not photocopied) on your "sheet" from the textbook or from anything I have handed out or put up on the board during class.
4. Anyone who uses such a "sheet" must hand it in with the examination with her or his name clearly on it. (The sheet does not have to be legible otherwise--just so you can read it.) The sheet will not be used to help determine a grade for the examination. (So on the examination don't say "see point 6a on the sheet.") I will return these sheets to you if and when you come by to pick up your graded examination.

Richard Lee,, last modified: 2 December 1998