Ethics and the Professions Autumn 1998

First Examination: Format

This examination counts as fifteen percent (15%) of your grade.
It is an in-class, closed book examination. (But see the "ground rules".)
You will be asked to write two (2) essays, each worth five (7½) points, with a maximum possible of fifteen (15) points.
At the start of the examination I will list the "names" of at least three (3) questions from which you must choose two (2).
Bring the list of questions (without notes written on it) to the examination for reference. (It will be collected at the end of the examination, but I will return it to you when I return your examination.)
Be sure also to bring a "Blue Book" (available at the bookstore) to the examination. (Enterprising students might bring extra blue books to the exam to sell to desperate students who have forgotten; Altruistic students might bring extra blue books to give to those desperate students.)
Your Blue Books will be exchanged before the examination begins, so that you can be assured that your classmates haven't already written answers in their bluebooks--so don't write your names on them yet.

Richard Lee,, last modified: 18 September 1998