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Peter S. Ungar
Paleoanthropology Laboratory and
Neogene Paleoecology Working Group

Department of Anthropology
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Research supported by
National Science Foundation
grant #BCS-0315157

Software Downloads

Toothfrax Microwear Texture Analysis (3D)

Toothfrax 1.0 Beta 1.6 and Sfrax v0.3b731 are available for download as part of a beta test release. Toothfrax and Sfrax allow analysis of 3D surface data using scale-sensitive fractal analysis and generates measurements of surface complexity and anisotropy.

Inquiries regarding beta testing Toothfrax should be directed to

Further information regarding Toothfrax and related products can be found at Surfract (

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