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Peter S. Ungar
Paleoanthropology Laboratory and
Neogene Paleoecology Working Group

Department of Anthropology
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Research supported by
National Science Foundation
grant #BCS-0315157

Texture Analysis

'Exact Proportion' Length-scale Anisotropy of Relief

Lsar is a measure of anisotropy derived from a series of relative length (relL) measures taken at a different orientations for a given scale of observation.

Relative lengths taken at different orientations can be normalized by dividing them by the sum of relative lengths from all orientations. ('exact proportion' normalization)

Each normalized relative length can be paired with its direction and treated as a vector.

These vectors can be displayed in a rosette.

The length of the mean vector for a given rosette is epLsar.

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