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Peter S. Ungar
Paleoanthropology Laboratory and
Neogene Paleoecology Working Group

Department of Anthropology
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Research supported by
National Science Foundation
grant #BCS-0315157

Data Archive

To access the Data Archive, please contact Peter Ungar for a login ID and password. Once you have been assigned a login, you may access the archive here.

The Data Archive is organized by species and/or publications and is posted as .sur files. Sur files can be processed in Toothfrax and may also be opened in SolarMap software

All files in the archive have been leveled and edited to remove defects.

Data may be used with citation. Please cite:

Ungar, Peter S. (2007). Dental Microwear Reconstructing Diets in Human Ancestors and Other Fossil Primates: Data Archive. May 8, 2007. [Date of access] <>.


Scott, R.S., P.S. Ungar, T.S. Bergstrom , C.A. Brown, B.E. Childs, M.F. Teaford & A. Walker (2006).  Dental microwear texture analysis: technical considerations. Journal of Human Evolution 51 (2006) 339-349 [ ]

and/or (for ape data)

Ungar, P.S., R.S. Scott, J.R. Scott & M.F. Teaford (in press). Dental microwear analysis: historical perespectives and new approaches. In: Technique and Application in Dental Anthropology (J. Irish & G. Nelson, editors).

and/or (for bovid data)

Ungar, P.S., G. Merceron, & R.S. Scott. (in press).  Dental microwear texture analysis of Varswater bovids and early Pliocene paleoenvironments of Langebaanweg, Western Cape Province, South Africa. Journal of Mammalian Evolution.


You may access the complete archive of dental microwear surfaces by clicking below and entering your login ID and password:



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