Awards and honors - Peter Pulay


Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1979

Medal of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences, 1982

Citation Classic, Current Contents, May 2, 1988

Burlington Northern Research Award, University of Arkansas, 1989

Elected Member, International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences, 1990

Haliburton Research Award, University of Arkansas, 1990

Alumni Research Award, University of Arkansas, 1991

Elected Foreign Member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1993

National Science Foundation, Creativity Award, 1993-97

Board of Directors, International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics, 1994

Alexander Von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award, 1995

Work cited in the official background material released by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in connection with the 1998 Nobel Prize in chemistry See:

Honorary doctorate (Dr. h. c.), Eötvös University, Budapest, 2001

Molecular Physics reprints 1969 paper in 100th anniversary volume of Landmark Papers in Mol. Phys., see Mol. Phys. 2002, 100, 57-62.

1979 J. Amer. Chem. Soc. paper makes the JACS 125 Most Cited Paper list (No. 64), see

The 2003 Schrödinger Medal of WATOC

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2005

Molecular Physics publishes a special issue in honor of P. Pulay (Vol. 105, 2439-2926, 2007).

 2007 paper T. Janowski and P. Pulay, Chem. Phys. Lett. 2007, 447, 27-32, is the highest cited paper in Chemical Physics Letters in the 5-year period 2006-2010.

2017 American Chemical Society National Award in Theoretical Chemistry (announced in August 2016, awarded a the 2017 Spring ACS National Meeting in San Francisco)


Named lectureships:

Frontiers of Chemistry, Wayne State University

Coulson Lecturer, University of Georgia