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Materials Science is a broad field that encompasses both fundamental research to improve our understanding of traditional materials (bulk metals, ceramics, and polymers), as well as an exploration of ways to design new materials with unique nanoscale structure and properties.  More and more, computational modeling and simulation methods are being utilized to uncover new scientific knowledge of very small scale processes within materials, and how to manipulate these processes to form new material structures at the nano- and micro-length scales. 

In our group, we utilize a variety of computational methods to study both hard materials (metals and ceramics) and soft matter (colloids, polymers, gels) for applications ranging from thin membranes for chemical separations, energy production, and biomedical devices.
The University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR) is a rapidly-growing public R1 research university, located within the Ozark Mountains. 

University of Arkansas, Mechanical Engineering Dept.
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03/16: Joseph Hill gives first international conference presentation at APS!  Congratulations!


12/15: Joseph Carmack presents paper at MRS Fall Meeting in Boston!  Great job!

09/15: Joseph Carmack's paper accepted in Journal of Chemical Physics!

08/15: Dr. Millett's paper on triblock terpolymer model accepted in Physical Review E.

07/15: Dr. Millett awarded NSF grant to study self-assembled membranes, collaboration with Miko Cakmak (Univ. of Akron).

05/15: Dr. Millett named Most Outstanding Researcher in MEEG (2015).

03/15: Nice Newswire feature on Joe Carmack [Link]

02/15: Ian Vance joins the Millett research group.  Welcome to the UofA!

01/15: Bruce Berry joins the Millett research group.  Welcome to the UofA!


08/14: Dr. Millett awarded NEUP grant from DOE in collaboration with Chaitanya Deo (Georgia Tech),  Sean McDeavitt (Texas A&M), and Bob Mariani (INL).

08/14: New compute nodes purchased by Millett are online at AHPCC!  A total of 512 processors!

08/14: Joe Hill begins PhD program.  Welcome, Joe!

05/14: FIRST ACADEMIC YEAR IS IN THE BOOKS!  It's been a great year, and I'm so glad to be at the Univ. of Arkansas.  Great students, great colleagues.

03/14: Joe Hill is offered Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship by the UA.  Very Exciting!  Joe will join Millett Group in August 2014.

03/14: Dr. Millett presents research at UA Sigma Xi meeting.

03/14: Dr. Millett's paper on nanoparticle-polymer membranes accepted in Journal of Chemical Physics.

02/14: Dr. Millett & Joe Carmack attend TMS conference; Joe gives first international research presentation of his career!


09/13: Dr. Millett presents research at UA Physics Dept. graduate colloquium.

08/13: Joseph Carmack awarded Doctoral Academy Fellowship by UA  (congratulations!).

08/13: Joseph Carmack joins Millett research group.


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Arkansas Newswire & Press

04/07/16: U of A Honors 15 Faculty and Staff Grant Recipients

08/21/15: NSF Grant Supports Development of Nanoparticle Porous Membranes

08/04/15: University of Arkansas to Lead New Center With Industrial Solutions Focus

03/17/15: Doctoral Fellow Working to Develop Next Generation of Materials

10/28/14: U.S. Department of Energy Grant Will Further Study of Safer, More Efficient Nuclear Reactors

09/08/14: University of Arkansas Students Honored at SPIE Conference

09/23/13: New Mechanical Engineering Professor Models Nanomaterials