Laboratory Mission

The Integrative Muscle Metabolism Laboratory (IMML) of the University of Arkansas was opened in August 2013. The IMML is under the direction of Dr. Nicholas P. Greene. The mission of the IMML is:

  1. Examine the regulation of metabolic functions in skeletal muscle in disease conditions and the potential corrective effects of exercise and lifestyle physical activity on skeletal muscle metabolic impairments.
    1. Primary interest is in the metabolic dysfunctions occurring with obesity/diabetes and skeletal muscle atrophy. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) is generally preceded by insulin resistance in the skeletal muscle, as such we seek the better define mechanisms of muscle insulin resistance and therapeutic modalities to correct muscle insulin resistance.
    2. Muscle atrophy is a classic component of many diseases including cancer-cachexia, aging, disuse, and obesity. Cachexia, body weight loss and muscle loss in these conditions is associated with increased mortality and decreased quality of life. We are currently examining mechanisms associated with multiple forms of muscle atrophy in efforts to identify new and efficacious therapeutic targets.
  2. The IMML is above all else a training ground for graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Arkansas to learn the application of the scientific method to biomedical research and develop and foster the next generation of scientists and biomedical professionals.

Lab Focus

The University of Arkansas Integrative Muscle Metabolism Laboratory is a Division of the Human Performance Laboratory (Facebook)