Latin Names
of the
Bishoprics in Ireland.

Acadensis, Achadensis: Achonry.

Achadiensis, Achatensis: Aghadoe.

Achathkonrensis: Achonry.

Aelfinensis: Elphin.

Airthermuighensis: Armoy.

Akadensis: Achonry.

Alachdensis, Aladensis: Killala.

Alfinensis: Elphin.

Anachdunensis: Annaghdown.

Aondruimensis: Nendrum.

Aras-Celtair: Down.

Archfordensis: Ardfert.

Archmorensis: Ardmore.

Arcmacensis: Armagh (Archbishopric).

Arcmorensis: Ardmore.

Ardacensis, Ardachadensis, Ardahachtensis: Ardagh.

Ardartensis: Ardfert.

Ardbrekensis: Ardbracchan, Meath.

Ardcarnia: Ardcarne.

Ardecadensis: Ardagh.

Ardefertensis: Ardfert.

Ardmacanus: Armagh.

Ardmorensis: Ardmore.

Ardsrathensis: Ardstraw, Ardrath.

Armacanus, Armakensis: Armagh (Archbishopric).

Arthferdensis, Artfertensis: Ardfert.

Artmorensis: Ardmore.

Athrumensis: Trim.

Aunensis: Awn.

Baltifordia, Batilfordia:

Bangorensis: Bangor.

Bistagniensis: Glendelough.

Brefiniensis: Brefiny, or Kilmore.

Campulus Bovis:
Aghavoe, or Achadboe, in Ossory.

Canic: Kilkenny.

Carkagensis: Cork.

Cashelensis: Cashel, Munster; Cassiol Irra, Connaught.

Casselensis, Cassiliensis: Cashel, Munster (Archbishopric).

Cellaiaro: Cellaiar, in the province of Tuam.

Cellumabrath: Kilfenoragh.

Cenanus, Cenenensis: Kells.

Charensis: Derry.

Chienfernensis: Clonfert (?).

Chonderensis: Connor.

Cinana: Error for Cluana. See Cluainensis.

Clochorensis, Clogharensis: Clogher.

Cluainensis, Cluanensis: Clonmacnois, or Seven Churches, King's County.

Cluanumensis: Cloyne.

Cluanuama: Cloyne.

Cluenerardensis: Clonard.

Coigners: Connor.

Conactensis: Connaught.

Conamy: Cinani, or Clonmacnois.

Conga: Cong.

Connerensis, Conorensis: Connor.

Corcagiensis, Corcensis: Cork.

Corcumrothensis: Corcumroe, afterwards at Kilfenora.

Cuilectrannensis: Culfeightrin.

Cuilrathensis: Coleraine.

Dalnliguirensis, Damhliagensis:

Darensis: Kildare.

Dearrhiensis, Derensis: Derry.

Diuilensis: Dublin (Archbishopric).

Domnachmor: Donoghmore.

Donnaclsacheling: Dunshaughlin, Meath.

Doune: Down, or Dundalethglas.

Droncliuensis: Drumclive.

Drumorensis: Dromore.

Drunimorensis: Dromore.

Duacum, Duatum: Kilmacduagh, Galway.

Dublinensis: Dublin (Archbishopric).

Dulicensis: Duleeek, Meath.

Dundalcensis: Dundalk.

Dundalethglas, Dunensis: Down.

Dunkerrensis: South Kerry, i.e., Ardfert.


Elnamirand: Error for Cluanard, or Clonard.

Elphinensis: Elphin.

Emiliensis: Emly.

Enachdunensis: Annaghdown, or Enaghdune.

Enabrensis: Error for Fennabrensis, Kilfenoragh (?).

Ergallia: Clogher.

Eripolensis: Jerpont.

Fore, Meath.

Fernensis: Ferns.

Finnabrensis: Fenabore, or Kilfenoragh.

Furensis: Fore, Foure.

Fynnaborensis: Fenabore, or Kilfenoragh.

Gathay, Insula de:
Inniscathay, or Inniscattery.

Glandelacensis: Glendelough, or Glendalach.

Imelaco-Ibhair, or Emly.

Of West Munster.

Imelacensis: Imelaca-Ibair, Emly.

Inmelettensis: Emly.

Iniscathrensis: Inis-scattery.

Kenanusensis, Kenlis:
Kells, Meath.

Kildabewensis: Error for Killdalua (?).

Kendaluam: Killaloe.

Kildarensis: Kildare.

Kildareuensis: Killaloe (?).

Kildelo: Killaloe.

Kilfenorensis: Kilfenoragh.

Kilkenensis: Kilkenny.

Kill-Aladh, Killaleth: Killala, co. Mayo.

Killdalua: Killaloe.

Killmunduach: Kilmaceduagh, or Kilmacough.

Killruaidhensis: Kilroot.

Kilmorensis: Kilmore, Kilmore Moy.

Kyenfernensis: Clonfert (?).

Kynlathensis: Killala.

Kyry: Kerry.

Killala, co. Mayo.

Laginiensis: Leinster.

Laonacensis: Killaloe.

Laoniensis: Killaloe.

Leclinensis, Leghelensis, Leghglensis: Leighlin.

Lessemore: Lismore.

Lethlegensis: Leighlin.

Limricensis: Limerick.

Lismorensis: Lismore.

Lugdunensis: Louth, united to Clogher.

Lugundunensis: Louth.

Lumbricensis, Lumniacensis, Lumpniacensis: Limerick.

de Mageo, Maigonensis:

Maghbilensis: Moville, co. Down.

Medensis: Meath.

Melicensis: Emly.

Middensis, Midiensis: Meath.

afterwards at Killala.

Omanensis: Omaine, Clonfert.

Osseriensis: Ossory.

Rapotensis, Rathbocensis, Rathbotensis:

Rathasithensis: Rashee.

Rathaspicensis: Ratehaspuicinnic.

Rathbothensis: Raphoe.

Rathlucensis, Rathlurensis: Rathluraigh.

Rathmurbhulgensis: Rathmurbholg.

Rechrannensis: Rathlin.

Rosalither: Rosscarbery, united to Cork.

Roscomon: Roscommon.

Roscreensis: Roscrea.

Rosensis: Ross.

Rossiensis: Roscrea.

Ruscomia: Roscommon.

Saiger, Seirkeran, translated to Aghavoe, in Ossory.

Skrynensis: Skreene.

Slanensis: Slane, Meath.

Tarensis, Tharensis:

Thuenensis: Down.

Tighbonensis: Tighbohin.

Tiramalgaid: Tirawley.

Triburnensis: Another name for the See of Brefiny, or Kilmore.

Trimensis: Trim, Meath.

Tuaimensis, Tuenensis: Tuam (Archbishopric).

Tullagensis: Tulach.

Tume: Tuam.


Umalia: Achadfobhair, Mayo.


Waterfordensis: Waterford.

Wexfordensis: Wexford.