(Last updated 2012/12/05)

Latest versions of mfpic

Version, 1.10. If you wish to get it here, download (1447K), and unzip it into the appropriate texmf directory in any TDS-compliant texmf tree. Or get (1447K), unzip it into a temporary directory, and then follow instructions in mfpic/install.txt. Note: this version is the one that has been recently uploaded to CTAN.

The additions since 1.06:

The changes from 1.03 to 1.06:

The changes from 1.00 to 1.03:

The main chainges in 1.00 over 0.9 are:

Previous versions: Aside from PDF files, all the files in these archives should be plain ASCII files with Unix-style line endings, except for version 0.5.01 and earlier where all files have DOS-style line endings. Conversion of ASCII files may be necessary on some OSs in either case. contains two PDF files, which accounts for most of the increase in size from previous versions, and 0.8 and higher have 3 PDFs. Anything below version 1.06 has mostly only historical interest. Still I am willing to support them.

I have some other packages unrelated to mfpic.

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