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    Working Papers:

  1. Sasha Behnk, Li Hao and Ernesto Reuben, “Partners in Crime: Diffusion of Responsibility in Anti-social Behaviors” IZA working paper download   Appendix   (Version: Sep 2017)

  2. Gunduz Calginap, Li Hao and David Porter 2010. “Asset market Reactions to News: An Experimental StudySSRN download

    Research near Completion:

  1. Li Hao and Daniel Houser "Analysis of Dynamic Games with Biased Beliefs: An Experimental Study" (draft available soon)

  2. Li Hao Xiao Liu, Chao Tang, and Jiang Yang, "When Reputation Mechanism Fails: Detecting Strategic Fraudulent Sellers on Alibaba's Platform Market" (draft available soon)

  3. John Aloysious, Li Hao, and Siqi Ma: All-women Teams Are the Star Performers in Supply Chain Collaboration: An Experimental Study  (draft available soon)

    Research in Developing Stage:

  1. Is We or They? The Effect of Identity on Collaboration and Performance in Buyer-Supplier Relationships With Siqi Ma and John Aloysius
  2. Are Uncomfortable Truths Worse than Lies? With Sascha Behnk and Ernesto Reuben 

  3. Does Unequal Wealth Distribution Increase Asset Market Bubbles? An Experimental Study, with Cary Deck, Weineng Xu, and Tim Yeager
  4. Preference under uncertainty and venture capital investment success: A study of Chinese VC managers, with Xiangyi Zhou

  5. False Advertising and Buyers’ Beliefs, with Jason Aimone and Erik Kimbrough

  6. Singapore Certificate-Of-Entitlement Auctions: Field and Laboratory Analyses 

  7. A Powerful Adaptive Distribution-free Procedure for Matched Samples, with Daniel Houser

  8. Analyzing Binary Data: Power and Size of Commonly Used Tests, with Daniel Houser