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Current Willson Lab Members

J.D. Willson

Jackie Guzy
PhD Student

Chelsea Kross
PhD Student


Meredith Swartwout
PhD Student


Kelly Halloran
MS Student


Ethan Royal
PhD Student


Jennifer Mortensen
Post-doctoral Researcher


Philip Mariage
Undergraduate REU Student


Jenna Robinson
Undergraduate Honors Student


Past Lab Members

Clint Bush (Undergraduate Researcher)

Logan Estes (Undergraduate Researcher)

Dylan Webb (Undergraduate Researcher)

Phil Vogrinc (MS Student - Graduated 2014)

Micalea Klaus (Undergraduate REU Participant)

Alex Baecher (Undergraduate Researcher)

Jessika Dorcas (Undergraduate REU Participant)

Kate Walker (MS Student - Graduated 2014)

John Block (Undergraduate Researcher)

Max Jaggers (Undergraduate Researcher)

Lauren McPherson (Research Technician)

Stephanie Chin (Undergraduate Researcher - Virginia Tech)

David Drewett (Undergraduate Researcher - Virginia Tech)

Andrew Durso (Undergraduate REU Participant - UGA/SREL)

Evan Eskew (High School Researcher - UGA/SREL)



J. Whitfield Gibbons (UGA / Savannah River Ecology Lab)

William Hopkins (Virginia Tech)

Jessica Homyack (Weyerhaeuser Company)

Shannon Pittman (Davidson College)

Brett DeGregorio (University of Illinois; CERL)

Robert Reed (US Geological Survey)

Christina Romagosa (University of Florida)

Sarah DuRant (University of Akransas)

Steven Price (University of Kentucky)

Melissa Pilgrim (U South Carolina, Upstate)

Brian Todd (UC Davis)

Chris Winne (UGA / Savannah River Ecology Lab)

Dan Cristol (William and Mary)

Tracey Tuberville (UGA / Savannah River Ecology Lab)

Michael Dorcas

Skip Snow (National Park Service)



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