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John Ryan

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Clifford analysis, Dirac operators, Dirac type operators, Moebius transformations, conformally flat manifolds, Hardy spaces.

Brief Description:

I work in the area of Clifford analysis. Clifford analysis is the study and application of Dirac type operators in analysis and geometry. I have a particular interest in the links between Dirac type operators and conformal structure. For a more detailed description of Clifford analysis see the Wikipedia page on Clifford analysis

Degrees and Awards:

Master Researcher Award (Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, University of Arkansas, USA, 2010), D. Sc. (University of York, U.K., 2008), D. Phil. (University of York, U.K., 1982), M. Sc. (University of Warwick, U.K., 1978), B. A. (University of York, U.K., 1976), von Humboldt Fellowship (Technical University of Freiberg, Germany, 1995).

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