night falls on richland

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let sleeping rocks lie

There are gollums who live in the creek, and if you're quiet and if you're lucky, and if you happen to have a little gollum-sniffing dog with you to help show you the way, you just might be able to come upon one napping in the jumblies of a creek just at twilight, when the light's just right for gollum watching, daylight being too bright and night light too slight.

But look out! It's best to stay downwind of a creek gollum, and you'd do well not to watch too long because he'll be rising soon to begin a long night trolling up and down the creek banks looking for a meal. And what does a creek gollum eat, you ask? Well, not humans, of course, nor any other living thing for that matter. A gollum likes to feast on fragrant and tasty rocks and pebbles, topped with chilled sauce d'mud if he's lucky enough to find it, and seasoned by chunky loam aged just so.

But the complacent should be wary, because the gollum might bite you by mistake, taking your sneaker-clad foot for a crunchy limestone bonbon.