light in water

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can't find no track of ours

In October, 1998, Darby was the last of the old setters who was still able to hike, and we had been hiking every week since early summer, since I figured he too was getting close to the end of his hiking days.

When he almost fell off a bluff on one of our hikes that fall, I got spooked and didn't take him the next time. And that's why when I took this shot of a stone bank on Falling Water Creek, Darby wasn't with me, and it may be that I wouldn't have been able to take it had he been, since he likely would have walked through it and left wet little doggy tracks everywhere.

The hike was fine, and I got some good shots, I think. But without a dog, it just wasn't the same, and there were times that day when I wondered just what I thought I was doing out there.

It turned out that Darby was indeed close to the end of his hiking days. We went on a few more hikes together after that, mostly over pretty easy terrain, and his last was a short one very early in 1999, which as it happened was also was my last hike for over a year.