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nature photography
Ozark Light
My new Web site with all new photographs of the Ozark Mountains and Arkansas.
John Moore's Mooremonkeys' Adventures I know you'll want to visit John's site with photos and stories from his adventures in the outdoors. John has a good eye and fine photographic skills and the good sense to take advantage of living in the middle of our Ozark splendor.
CSNP Forum The Central States Nature Photography forum, one of the regional discussion forums affiliated with the Nature Photographers Network online magazine, is a great place to hang out and make connections with other nature photographers from Arkansas and surrounding states.
The premier on-line photography site.
Tim Ernst Photography Prints, posters, picture books, hiking guides, and photo workshops from Tim Ernst. Tim has photographed the Ozarks as no one else has. I often have the feeling when I'm out shooting that no matter where I am or what I'm photographing, Tim Ernst has been there first and photographed it better.

Tim's Web site includes his online journal in which he recounts his outdoor adventures and which is graced with many of his photographs, and his online store so that you can buy prints without even leaving the comfort of your keyboard.

the great outdoors
Hike of the Month Looks like someone has figured out a way to get paid to take a hike in the woods. Now why didn't I think of that?

A new outdoors column by Steve Schibler appearing on Ozarks Newstand, Hike of the Month has gotten off to a great start, featuring a hike along the Ozark Highlands Trail to the Marinoni Scenic Area, with pictures and descriptions as well as a topo map of the hike route and driving directions to the trailhead.

I'm very much looking forward to future installments.

Ozark Highlands Trail Association These folks are the voluteers who built and maintain the Ozark Highlands Trail.
National Park Service Everything your government wants you to know about the nation's parks.

environmentalism and conservation
The Nature Conservancy “… preserving habitats and species by buying the lands and waters they need to survive.” The Smith Creek Preserve in Boxley Valley is one of many great Conservancy projects.
Sierra Club Have you hugged a tree today? The Sierra Club is the granddaddy of all environmental organizions, founded in 1892 by John Muir and others to preserve and protect the High Sierra wilderness, and still in the forefront of legal, legislative, and electoral efforts to conserve the natural environment.
World Wildlife Fund “Let's leave our children a living planet.”

friends and neighbors
Animal Medical Clinic The dedicated people who have cared for generations of my dogs for over two decades.
This Is Drew Someone must have given Drew Stephens a camera when he was a baby, and he's been taking pictures ever since.


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