dark and deep

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lick branch, fall 2002

Plan A. So we arrive at the trailhead and it starts raining, right? No problem; I'm sure I've got a disposable poncho somewhere in my bag. And I do; so everything's fine, right? Well, it seems that the poncho, still folded up in its original container, has been spending its summers in the bag in the car, melting, melting. Oh what a world, what a world. So instead of unfolding when I unfold it, it kind of, you know, shreds.

Plan B. Use the umbrella. Fine, but usually there's not enough clearance on a trail through the woods to use an umbrella. I carry it more for those times when you get caught in a sudden downpour and decide to enjoy it by sitting it out and taking it in. Suddenly I'm starting to feel very cold and very wet and thinking of what that's going to feel like for the next five or six hours.

Plan C. I remember passing a pretty stretch of Lick Branch back up the forest road a little way. So we spend the morning photographing up and down Lick Branch, one umbrella over the camera pack and one umbrella over the camera and me. Junie manages to have a pretty good time even though we're not doing much hiking. I manage to take a few pictures, have a blast, and get cold and wet and stay that way for hours. I'd sign up for that tour of duty again in an instant. A beautiful day for taking photographs.

Note to myself: Buy a decent poncho and, oh, by the way, don't leave it in the car in the summer.