dark and deep

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junie moon, photo dog

I could tell she was in a jam, parked as she was at the entrance of the grocery store parking lot next to a busy highway, flinching in fear at the noise of the semi rigs as they passed. Was she waiting there for whoever dumped her to return? I didn't want to panic her into the heavy traffic; so I approached her obliquely and sat down a distance from her with my eyes averted. Usually the effort is futile. Most dogs won't let you approach them and will take off no matter how careful you are, but this time I needn't have worried. I had barely seated myself before she was bounding over to me and rolling onto her back for a good belly rub, and I think that was the instant that she very nonchalantly reached into my chest and very gingerly took my heart between her jaws.

Though I left her description with the animal shelter, I didn't expect anyone to claim her. That was on March 21, 2000, and Junie Moon has been my dog ever since, and Sophie's best buddy, and one really fine photo hiking dog. Hey, Junie Moon, tell me that you love me. Thank you.

This was taken as we made our way up Devil's Fork to the twin falls. Didn't have a lick of trouble getting Junie to ford Richland. What a dog.