Apr. 28, 2007
Rain fell in the Ozarks this week, and though more would have been better, the less that fell was good.

As Junie and I drove down into a dark Boxley Valley about an hour before sunrise, I still hadn't made up my mind where we would spend our morning, and it wasn't until I came to the right turn across the Buffalo at the Ponca Bridge that I decided against Broadwater Hollow and headed up through Low Gap to Mt. Sherman and then left down into the Buffalo National River. It wasn't until we came to the fork in the road that leads either to Kyle's Landing or to the boy scout camp that I decided against Bear Hollow and turned right onto the road that would take us to Shop Creek and its unique in Arkansas slot canyon.

Junie is a good about fording water, but she isn't a swimmer, and she wasn't happy about being left behind when I slogged through the narrow, waist deep pool at the canyon's entrance and stepped up into its first chamber. Still, she settled down after a bit and kept a nervous vigil as I made my way up the slick and narrow winding corridor of the canyon and set up a few shots that I hoped would capture something of the strangeness of this geological oddity.

As you can see from the images on this page, even with a lens as wide as 17mm, I still could do with a few more millimeters to really do justice to the place and its narrow confines and its tight turns and twisting drops.

Sometimes there's not much of a show at sunrise at Hedge's pour-off. Today's Back Light photo, taken last December, was one of those times when it was the best show of the day.