Dec. 28, 2006
Horseshoe Bend east of Rogers on Beaver Lake seemed like a sure bet for some good late December sunset shots, and I needed something to pick me up after weeks of misfires and just misses, and sunrises where the sun didn't show up, sunny days when I needed cloudy, or the other way around, and winter nights and winter mornings that lacked any of the freezing graces of winter.

So on the afternoon of the 27th Junie and I headed for the lake to scout around for locations and maybe take a few photographs, but wouldn't you know, we arrived a little late, after the light show had already begun, and thinking that the good color wouldn't last much longer, I didn't bother to haul out the camera gear and proceeded instead to walk along the shore line looking for places to keep in mind for the next time. And also to just enjoy looking at a sunset for once. But wouldn't you know, the sunset color lasted a good half hour at least, a long, slow, spectacular parade of color in the sky and in the water, each moment of which I thought surely would be the last. So I ended up not getting a solitary picture that evening.

But the next afternoon we repeated our journey and I was there on time, standing ready behind the tripod, waiting for the sun to sink into the trees lining the ridgetop on the opposite shore, waiting for it to blaze the sky and water a shimmering gold. We were not disappointed.

Even sometimes on one of those mornings where nothing seems to be going right, an old reliable location can be the acorn that the blind pig finds. Roarke's Bluff on the Buffalo earlier this month.