Nov. 6, 2006
Heavy autumn rains on Sunday had the creeks up and flowing on Monday, making it an opportune time for me and Junie to check out what was up in Phipps Hollow. It being a sure bet that the two low-water bridges on Fanes Creek Road would be impassable, we drove in from the north on Mill Creek Road and in early afternoon pulled up to the horseshoe-shaped bluff line where Phipps Creek takes two separate leaps to make its way from the top of the bluff to the boulder-strewn creek bed below.

Luckily the foliage was near peak color, and the falls were running well and running clean, but I had a scare early on, as no sooner than I had set up the first shot than the sun came out, and for a while it appeared that the cloud cover might be breaking up and our trip would have been for nothing. But then the sun went away, and the clouds bunched up nicely and stayed thick and dark for the rest of the day.

My brand new digital camera was still something of a mystery to me and I was still getting used to the unfamiliar rhythms of taking photographs with it when I took today's Back Light photo in the fall of 2005.