Nov. 4, 2006
Every fall for several years now I have hoped to catch Cove Creek valley in peak color, and though I did last year, the only time I could make it down was early one afternoon, when of course the sun was high and hot. This year, about mid-afternoon on a partly cloudy, breezy day, Junie and I loaded up and took the short drive down 16 and 23 and up Fly Gap road to the Seven Points bluffs overlooking Cove Creek, and we found that we had missed peak color by a little again, but not by so much that we were too good for it. So we took the short, very steep hike down to good old Number Two of the Seven Points and spent a couple or three hours hanging around and generally enjoying a beautiful fall afternoon.

Now of my three score years and ten, fifty-five will not come again, and so I don't have forever to get this right, but I trust there is time enough, and in that time, there will be limbs ready and able enough to someday get down there at just the right time on the right day in the right year to take the best photograph that's ever been taken of Cove Creek valley, or if not, to at least have one beauty of a time trying.

The back light picture this week was taken several years ago after a trip to the Buffalo. As we drove east from Elkins and approached Fayetteville, we were driving into some of the most intense sunset color I've ever seen, but unfortunately there wasn't time to get to a good place to photograph it, so I ended up shooting it from Stonebridge Road, near my house.